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Episode 6 - Senior Artist, Hugo Beyer

-May 26th, 2012 -10:20PM

I interview Senior Artist, Hugo Beyer. We talk about what makes a game fun, how he broke into the game industry as an artist and a little about developing his own indie title in which he did all the 2d/3d/ui art for. Check it out here: Holy Moly Dragons

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Episode 5 - AAA Game Level Designer, Matt Hutchinson

-May 21st, 2012 -8:51PM

I interviewed level designer Matt Hutchinson, he has worked on quite a few Triple A games and has got some great insight into getting a job in the industry, gamer experience, going to school for game design, his experience working in the industry so far, working on mod projects and we talk about my fun theory... run on sentence.

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Episode 4 - Senior Producer at Double Fine Productions, Matt Hansen

-May 12th, 2012 -3:35PM

A great interview with Double Fine Productions' Senior Producer, Matt Hansen. We talk about his journey in the game industry, what his job entails, the kickstarter project, and he also gives advice on being a producer for those aspiring game producers out there. Check out a couple of projects he was on, I recommend them highly. Iron Brigade Puzzle Agent for iPhone And check out the latest from Double Fine here: Double Fine Productions

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