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Episode 9 – Getting Geeky w/ GeekyGlamorous

-June 17th, 2012 -11:05PM

I pontificate about a few engagement tools for video games. Also, I’m a huge geek, so every once in a while I need to geek out and GeekyGlamorous knows all about the latest in Geek culture. We talk about our favorite games, game development, and the Mass Effect 3 ending (SPOILER ALERT). Check out her site GeekyGlamorous.

I started a firstgiving page for Child’s Play Charity. Donate anything you can give if you feel inclined to do so. I give all donators a shout out on my podcast! DONATE HERE!

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Episode 8 – Game Designer, Calix Reneau

-June 10th, 2012 -11:47AM

Game Designer Calix and I pontificate on the principals of good (and bad) game design and try to answer the question, can you have fun without progression? We also give out tips on how to get your start on becoming a game designer. Also, I just started a firstgiving page for Child’s Play Charity, which you can check out here: Child's Play Charity

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Episode 7 - Indie Game Developer, Adversary Games

-June 3rd, 2012 -6:28PM

I talk about how I write my game design documents and the importance of even having one. Then I interview the founders of indie game developer, Adversary Games. They talk about the pros and cons of going Indie, their favorite game moments and give advice on developing your own indie game.

Check out their site here Adversary Games

Also, this is the game Ajari and Colleen were talking about during the interview: No Time To Explain

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