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Episode 3 - Entrepreneur, Producer, Game Director Jason Crawford interview

-May 6th, 2012 -2:57PM

Jason and I talk about the human experience, game development, what games scare us and we offer some advice on getting your foot in the door of the game industry. Check out his blog here: The Human Experience

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Episode 2 - Technical Art Director Tamar Zeithlian interview

-April 28th, 2012 -4:40PM

Today I interviewed Technical Art Director at WeMo media, Tamar Zeithlian. We talk about how she got where she is and advice on getting your foot in the door of the game industry. Her latest project launches May 4th, you can check out her latest project here: http://theblu.com/home I also elaborate on some game design tweets I tweeted earlier. Check it out, and be sure to ask me any question on game design on my formspring account here: http://www.formspring.me/joemethod

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Episode 1 - Rant

-April 16th, 2012 -9:19PM

Hello, my name is Joe.Method and I am a professional video game designer. I started my podcast because when I began working in the game industry, there was no online source for game design theory discussion. Sure there were a ton of tutorials on how to use programs, but no one, not even the professors at the college I went to, could answer me this question, " what is fun? " . Since no one I knew, even online, could even entertain this query, I decided to read and experience everything I could to try and answer it myself. My plan is to continue my research by interviewing current game developers as well as possibly help new developers just entering this field on how to get started or maybe even, through collateral damage, inspire someone... somewhere. I don't know everything there is to know about game design, but it's certainly fun trying. So for now, I bought every game design and psychology book I could get my hands on, and my initial findings are in this first episode.

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